Sonic Mania Plus (PS4/Switch/XBox One) Vorbestellung 25,99€ bei bü

Sonic Mania Plus (PS4/Switch/XBox One) Vorbestellung 25,99€ bei bü

eingestellt am 20. Jun 2018
Sonic Mania Plus für PS4, Switch oder XBox One kann man bei bü für 25,99€ vorbestellen.
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Zusätzliche Info
When creating Sonic Mania Plus, the game started out as a digital-only title, but requests from both inside and outside the company made Sonic Team release it physically as well. Because it would be difficult to sell the physical version with the same price as the digital however, the producers added extra elements to compensate the price hike, like new characters and Encore Mode. When it came to deciding the additional features, Sonic Team followed Sonic Mania's way of giving stimulus to fans’ curiosities and expectations by adding Ray and Mighty, two highly requested characters, to the game, despite the two characters being considered "sealed characters" by Takashi Iizuka. When the team had to decide on Mighty and Ray's special actions, Mighty received his "Hammer Drop" after the team reflected on his "strong guy" setting and hard shell, while Ray received his "Air Glide" as a callback to his species.



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Hot, das jetzt als Collector's Edition und es kann losgehen, aber bin gewillt die Umkehr zur guten Seite auch so zu belohnen
Bearbeitet von: "GlassedSilver" 20. Jun 2018
Guter Deal
Grade gesehen, dass es auch ne Collector's geben soll. Die wird meine!
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