Star Ruler 2 für 4,59€ [Bundle Stars] [Steam]

Star Ruler 2 für 4,59€ [Bundle Stars] [Steam]

eingestellt am 21. Feb 2017

Guten Abend,

im heutigen Stardeal auf "Bundle Stars" ist folgendes Spiel rabattiert im Angebot:

Star Ruler 2 für 4,59€

PVG: 7,75€

Testbericht / 4players

System: Windows / Linux


Star Ruler 2 is a massive scale 4X/RTS set in space. Explore dozens,
hundreds, or even thousands of systems in a galaxy of your choosing,
expand across its planets, exploit the resources you find, and
ultimately exterminate any who stand in your way. The fate of your
empire depends on your ability to master the economy, field a military,
influence galactic politics, and learn what you can about the universe.

Galactic Economy
Colonize planets, each with one
of dozens of resources, working in unison to create bustling centers of
production. The resources you choose matter, and will guide your empire
and its conflicts throughout the entire game.

Custom Ships
Design ships that fit your needs,
strategies, and tactics using our new 'blueprint painting' approach to
ship design. Quickly and intuitively lay out the armor, weapons,
engines, and internals of your vessels.

Politics with Power
Diplomacy and influence
gathering are reinvented as a core mechanic of the game, giving
meaningful alternative options to players and serving as a platform of
interaction both between players and AIs as well as humans in
multiplayer. Harness your influence to annex territory, spy on enemies,
aid allies, and more! You truly have the opportunity to affect the
political landscape.

Massive Scale
Running on our internally developed
Starflare Engine, Star Ruler 2 is able to make full use of multi-core
cpus, and runs on both 32 bit and 64 bit machines. The size of a galaxy
is only limited by your hardware and ambitions!

Intricate Research
Expand your knowledge through a grid of numerous technologies, big and small. Improve nearly every aspect of your empire.

Complete Moddability
You can modify the gameplay,
graphics, interface, and virtually every other facet of the game
through scripts and data files, giving unprecedented freedom to the
modding community to implement any feature they want. Use the in-game
mod editor to add or change most content, and upload your mod to the
Steam Workshop!

Full Multiplayer
Star Ruler 2 features complete multiplayer support with up to 28 players and AIs in the same game.
above 8 players or in galaxies of several hundred systems may exceed
the capacity of a typical home connection. Consider playing very large
games on LAN.

Cross-Platform Support
Star Ruler 2 supports both Windows and Linux, with all game features supported fully on and between both operating systems.

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