[Steam] Free Key | Wishmaster (10k CD Keys)

[Steam] Free Key | Wishmaster (10k CD Keys)

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[Steam] Free Key | Wishmaster (10k CD Keys)

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Copy&paste Beschreibung:
Wishmaster is a game with an interesting and complex history of human desires and about the fact that not everything will go the way you wish. The game includes a part with Visual Novel, where you will learn about the world and the people themselves, and, certainly, about their dreams. The second part of the game is the game Match-3, where you will search for mysterious energy to fulfill all the dreams of mortal creatures. Also you will be able to track your progress in the gallery.

You start the game as a magical creature that was born only a few moments ago and doesn’t know anything about itself. Using the advice of the master and the power of Wishboard, you will fulfill the wishes of the living. But do people really want their desires to be fulfilled? And is it possible to trust a new “friend”?

- More than 30 characters with diverse wishes

- You can decide which wish to fulfill

- Company mode for not one playthrough!

- Mode on time for relaxation

- Gallery with your progress

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