[Steam] Hacktag Closed Beta (ARP Level 2+) @Alienware Arena

[Steam] Hacktag Closed Beta (ARP Level 2+) @Alienware Arena

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Fast 4500 Keys sind aktuell noch zu haben.

Bei Alienware Arena gibt es Closed Beta Keys für das Spiel Hacktag gratis.

Folgendes wird benötigt/verlangt:
  • Ein Account bei Alienware Arena
  • Account ARP Level 2+

About Hacktag:
In 2029, in a parallel world, you are a mercenary who secretly accomplishes missions for corporations struggling for leadership. To succeed you will have to team-up by 2 and infiltrate corporations simultaneously in two ways:

  • As the stealth agent, infiltrating the level with an isometric 3d view and a fast infiltration gameplay with a rewarding arcade feeling.
  • Or as the hacker infiltrating virtually the same level with a holographic blueprint vision and moving on a virtual network to interact with the cameras, doors, phones or coffee machines…

Key Features:

  • Online and local multiplayer: play separately or share the same screen.
  • Original co-op mechanics and mini-games: deactivate alarms, unlock doors or jails together in stressful situation!
  • "Co-opetitive" gameplay: as mercenaries, your partner is also your best competitor!
  • Procedural generation: 3 corporations, 3 types of missions and an infinity of levels.
  • Experience and unlockable skills: gain levels and choose new active or passive skills.
  • Online challenges, ranking and leaderboards: Share your scores and defy your friends.
  • Character creation: Customize your character with unlockable content.
  • Unique story for each player: experience Hacktag’s story with your own NPCs.


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Only 3620 keys left!

GhostOnevor 23 m

Hat jemand einen für mich?

denullzvor 7 m

Suche auch einen

level 2 zu erreichen ist ja wohl einfacher als die meisten "gleam" giveaways

All out! There are no more keys left in this giveaway

Edit: Haben wohl anscheinend wieder Keys nachgelegt.
Bearbeitet von: "RieXan" 15. Mai

Genau meins! Würde mich auch sehr über einen Key freuen =)

Danke für die Info.

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