[Steam] Heaven Island VR MMO @ failmid.com

[Steam] Heaven Island VR MMO @ failmid.com

eingestellt am 30. Mai 2016
Für diejenigen, die es noch nicht in Ihrer Steam-Bibliothek haben:

Auf failmid.com gibt es aktuell "Heaven Island VR MMO" (aka Paradise Island) gratis als Steam-Key. Es sind keine Social Media Aktionen erforderlich. Einfach E-Mail-Adresse eingeben, Geschlecht und Alter (nicht zwingend wahrheitsgemäß) angeben, und schon wird der Key an die angegebene E-Mail-Adresse versandt.

Beschreibung von Steam:
Heaven Island is an experiential game in which you'll explore wonderful environments and places.
On this Island, time and space are frozen and you'll be able to visit it and at the same time explore the inner of your soul.
All problems and worries of life will be left far behind so that you'll be able to rest your soul and mind during this experience.
The inspiration for the environments comes from the Renzo Piano designs and from the book "Origins of Architectural Pleasure" in which the player's welfare is of primary importance.
This game is a Massive Multiplayer Online experience in the sense that you'll be able to connect with all other gamers and will be able to view their essence in order to be able to create a "Connection".
All the details you see on the Island are made by hand, every rock you see is put there with a purpose.
We really hope you'll enjoy this wonderful experience.
Designed to be played with or without the Oculus VR, Gear VR and (soon) the Steam Vive VR
Warning: on some Apple Macbooks, the game crashes at start. We'll fix the problem as fast as we can!

Viel Spaß.
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Das sollten die mal bei Steam auf kostenlos stellen. Ist ja bald kein Tag ohne gleam.io keys....

hmmm das hatte failmid doch leider auch schon im Angebot ... noch unter dem alten Namen ... schade.


Hab einen Key über: 54ZEN-QNPLN-28QAB

Und wo gibt man dann den Code ein?

Hmpf, Email Adresse abgelehnt... naja, schreibe ich mal den Support an!

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