[Steam] Hero Siege 0,89€ @Steam Summer Flash sale

[Steam] Hero Siege 0,89€ @Steam Summer Flash sale

eingestellt am 18. Jun 2015
Bei steam gibt's gerade das Spiel Hero Siege für 0,89€. Das Spiel Besitz Single Player, Multiplayer, Platform übergreifender MP, Koop, Lokaler Koop Modus. Für 0,89€ sicherlich nicht verkehrt.

Hero Siege is a Hack 'n' Slash game with roguelike- & RPG elements. Annihilate hordes of enemies, grow your talent tree, grind better loot and explore up to 6 Acts enhanced with beautiful Pixel Art graphics! This game offers countless hours of gameplay and up to 4 player online multiplayer!

We developers are interested in your feedback. So if you choose to get the game see you on the forums! - Vexorian

In the depths of Tarethiel a group of monks united the four pieces of the brimstone talisman, waking up the slendering demons below... The Act was fortold in the Ancient Book of Revelations and that Satan would raise from Hell to rule the earth... Someone needs to stop him or else the mankind will soon face extinction!

- ONLINE MULTIPLAYER with up to 4 players!
- Randomly generated levels, items, dungeons, bosses, secrets and events. Every game session you play is different!
- Over 170 unique crafted items that are either passive, usable or orbiting.
- Over 80 different enemies with the possibility to spawn as rare or elite with extra hp/damage and abilities, but dropping better loot and giving more exp!
- Over 30 Achievements to unlock!
- Customize your character with over 60 different hats!
- 4 Acts to play through! Extra acts come with Expansion sets!
- Random Dungeons and Crypts to explore and clear from loot and enemies!
- 7 playable classes! Extra classes come with Expansion sets!
- 4 different difficulty levels to unlock!
- Tons of random! Start discovering all the wonderful secrets and content!
- Loot system with: normal, superior, rare and legendary loot!
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    Haben will .... Lohnt sich halt das 4pack nicht

    Bestes Spiel aller Zeiten (oder so)!!!!!

    Macht Laune Habs auch durch Zufall gesehn und einfach mal getestet. Spielt am Besten eine Fernkampfklasse (zB Pirat :{). Ist einfacher für den Einstieg.



    Haben will .... Lohnt sich halt das 4pack nicht

    och eigentlich schon.. suchste dir nochn paar leute.. fetzt eh mehr zusammen

    Haben will .... Lohnt sich halt das 4pack nicht

    Schau mal auf den Preis vom 4er Pack und den Einzelpreis ;). Ich bin mir sicher, dass er das meinte.

    kostet heute 1,49€, somit bitte deal beenden.

    Leider zu spät gesehen

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