[Steam] High on Racing vi@gleam.io

[Steam] High on Racing vi@gleam.io

eingestellt am 7. Apr 2016
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Steam Preis: 4.99€

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"High On Racing is an unique Retro Arcade Style Tactical Racing Game that will warp you into the sky to race against the time.

Find the hidden RED diamonds that will get you into the next stage by only sliding left and right. You have to be fast to check the ground plates that will let you turn, jump and just changes the direction you are flying.

Face 15 Maces with secrets, deadly traps and nearly impossible to master obstacles. And find the way through them to finally win the high score!"

Steam Store: store.steampowered.com/app…10/
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Danke, hatte das letztes Mal verpasst. Hot!

Vorbei. Habe aber letztes Mal einen ergattern können


Vorbei. Habe aber letztes Mal einen ergattern können

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