[Steam] Lords of the Fallen - Digital Deluxe Edition (@gamebillet)

[Steam] Lords of the Fallen - Digital Deluxe Edition (@gamebillet)

eingestellt am 18. Dez 2015
Hi zusammen,

wenn man nuveem vor einiger Zeit mal außen vor lässt, dann ist das ohne VPN wohl der beste Deal derzeit.

Gutscheincode: GBITADUK20

G2A (current): 10,47€

Isthereanydeal (lowest): 10,30€ (nuveem wohl laut mydealz mal billiger gewesen)

Meta: 73/100

Steam: store.steampowered.com/app…man (ausgeglichen)


- Hauptspiel

- Digital Map

- Digital Artbook
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Hab es noch nicht, weil die Bib schon so voll ist ;-) hier gäbs es noch ein video-review youtube.com/wat…DDs .... schwer zu sagen, steam ist nicht so begeistert und meta scheint in Ordnung aber wohl nicht mehr so verlässlich

fands gut

wenn man demon/darksouls mag, wird man auch spaß an lords of the fallen haben.

für "einsteiger" in das genre ist es perfekt, da es fehler nicht so extrem bestraft.

ansonsten spielt es sich genauso wie die souls spiele.

grafik ist zudem noch super


Leichter und linearer als Dark Souls.

Hier eine gute Steam-Rezension von "Legather":

"TLDR: Overall, moments of entertainment locked behind odd design choices and unresolved glitches that makes it impossible to recommend.

EDIT: And I feel bad for not being able to recommend it because I did have some good fun and effort was clearly made.

First the good:

-The character/monster/environment designs are well done, it's all massive muscles, massive armour and massive weapons but if you don't mind that it's nicely done.

-When the combat works, it can be fun.

The mixed (subjective):

-The armour sets are well designed, as mentioned above, but the standard as you go through set progression is inconsistent. For light armour for example, you get the best designed armour about half way through then get sets that seem much more 'vanilla' or are (I believe) reskins of previous sets.

-The story isn't terrible, but I'm still unsure about the premise. Why exactly is Adyr the god considered a 'villain'? I may have missed an audio log that explains this, but then it is still missable.

-There is a universal cooldown on spells, use one and they all go on cd (at least the ones from the same school do, can't verify whether it applies to other schools). On some combinations this may make sense, on others it seems overly restrictive. Keep in mind that without massive xp investment into faith (magic), the mana cost of each spell is likely prohibitive of chain casting anyway. Not impossible mind you, but when you factor in the cast time of each spell and the likelihood of interruption by enemy hits, a gcd seems superfluous.

-Combat staggering seemed unpredictable across the board, both on you and the enemies. There seemed no way of knowing ahead of time whether Harkyn would get staggered by any given enemy's attacks or whether they would be staggered by his.

-Certain classes may seem underpowered, mileage may vary. Rogue class definitely could have used some life steal baked in to a spell.

-Majority of voice work is bland, not all but a lot of it.

-The rune/crafting system seemed inconsistent. The game features a system where you can invest xp into locked runes to increase the likelihood of better quality buffs but the return on this seemed very disappointing. Possibly rectified with better 'Luck' character stats but that's uncertain.

The bad:

-The hit detection is suspect. Weapon strikes simply may decide not to land, spell hits may just not register.

-Enemy projectiles may not hit you when they should and may seek you out through walls.

-Equipment stats are confusing. You are given numbers without context. Conversely some items have only 'fluff' descriptions.

-The camera may decide to snap to a completely obscured perspective during 'backstabs'.

-Spell effects may also overwhelm your vision.

-The gauntlet is intrusive and frequently redundant. It seemed underpowered no matter which class or loadout was used, an enemy could always be reached to melee them anyway, using it costs mana that would 9 times out of 10 be better used on spell casting and it is unalterably bound to the stance swapping button which gets in the way during combat.

-The physics are unbelievable in a bad way. Enemies may do a U-turn mid leap, defying momentum. The enemy also has a bad habit of tracking your motion during weapon swings that would likely snap their bones, also rendering combat maneuvering futile. This becomes more of a problem with the more fragile classes.

-Pathing is incompetent. Enemies may get stuck on corners or non existent obstacles, may reset and speed off to their original point (no, not that one demon dog who is scripted to do something similar).

-Harkyn's magic is wildly unreliable. Magic may simply not do what it is supposed to. Direct damage spells may just not land despite hitting the mark. Buffs may drop off before their proper duration or not do as described. Bad pathing also applies here.

-Even after hours of play time, the cumbersome nature of the spell casting can still be infuriating. Enemy AI is unreliable as to attacking during casting, they may knock you out of it or stand there and wait. A hit the wrong side of a millisecond may interrupt a 'complete' cast.

-Controls are unreliable, Harkyn may simply ignore commands. The most frequent suspect for me was the running shield bash attack, it simply didn't happen about 40% of the time and would land Harkyn in hot water each time. Dodges may simply not occur either.

-Saves may not be complete, by which I mean you can save your progress at a checkpoint or even move to a new area and quit and when you reload, the game may simply not have saved to that point. On a whim.

-Desktop crashes. Frequent and exacerbated by the above problem."

HOT bei 5 euro schlage ich zu

ja, am besten noch als goty o.ä

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