[Steam] PRiO Demo by DanielDavisGames

[Steam] PRiO Demo by DanielDavisGames

eingestellt am 27. Feb 2016
Das Spiel wird zum 18. März hin auf Steam zu Verfügung stehen. Bis dahin kann die Demo kostenfrei von danieldavis.itch.io/prio bezogen werden.

Der Grund warum ich es hier einstelle? Es sieht hammer aus und ist leider noch sehr unbekannt!

Key Features:
- 50 Action-Packed Levels
- Endless Mode
- A Fully Functional Level editor
- Striking Visuals
- A Gorgeous Original Soundtrack
- Full Controller Support
- Color-Blind Friendly

PRiO comes with 50 exciting levels to keep you busy for hours upon hours. This game is built around a simple concept of toggling the environment in order to navigate. In the beginning, it may seem easy enough to handle, but as the levels go by, you'll quickly realize the challenge that confronts you.

Endless Mode:
In addition to a plethora of challenging levels, this game also comes with an Endless Mode. Race against a rising floor of deadly spikes by endlessly climbing higher and higher in a randomly generated level. You can never beat endless mode, but you can rack up a nice highscore by lighting up blocks in your frantic escape from an inevitable death!

The Level Editor:
Yes, you read that correctly! You could be the proud owner of a fully functional level editor to create your own masterpiecel. Save the level to a file and send it to your friends for them to play. Not only that, but you can even copy the level-code to your clipboard and paste it somewhere for your friends to copy and paste into their own editor. No file transfers necessary!

PRiO was meant to be a visually pleasing experience. While the gameplay itself is challenging, your eyes will have a wonderful time letting in all the beautiful lighting effects and particles.

The absolutely gorgeous soundtrack for this game was created by Erik Danielson at erikcld.bandcamp.com
Color-Blind Friendly
Because PRiO is about the three primary colors, it comes with a color-blind option for those who need it.
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Eher ein semi-freebie. Falsche Kategorie.

Falsche Überschrift. Nicht für Steam.

Demo? Jetzt geht es sber los. Wird das hier jetzt zur werbeplatform? Dann schaue ich msl was steam an demos bietet.

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