( Steam ) Project Cars 2 (PC) cdkeys

( Steam ) Project Cars 2 (PC) cdkeys

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Project Cars 2 Features:

180+ licensed cars from iconic manufacturers
Full 12K & VR Support
Tested and tuned by pro racing drivers
All-new motorsports (IndyCar, Oval Racing, Rallycross) join old favorites incl. GT3
LiveTrack 3.0: Dynamic surface & weather physics affect vehicle performance and handling in real-time
New loose surface racing (ice, dirt, mud)
Full 24-hour cycle featuring real-time atmospheric conditions and seasonal ambience
State-of-the art physics model
Revamped gamepad handling
Class-leading Esport capabilities
All-new Online Championships mode

The pinnacle of authenticity:

Over 170 licensed cars from the most iconic brands
Largest track roster of any console racing game ever
Full VR support
Revamped pad handling

The heat of competition:

All-new vehicle types & motorsport classes, plus old favorites (Rallycross, GT, and more)
Robust e-Sports functionalities and all-new online championships

The power of conditions:

Race on varying track surfaces including ice, tarmac or dirt tracks
LiveTrack 3.0: Dynamic road surface transitions affect vehicle performance, grip, and handling in real-time with bleeding-edge tire physics and surface deformities
Full 24-hour cycle faithfully recreates the atmospheric conditions and ambience of a specific time of year
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