[Steam] Royal Quest - Welcome Pack gratis @Indiegala

[Steam] Royal Quest - Welcome Pack gratis @Indiegala

eingestellt am 9. Mai 2015
Auf indiegala.com gibt es das Royal Quest - Welcome Pack gratis. Das Hauptspiel ist Free to Play, gibts also immer umsonst. Das Welcome Pack kostet im Steam Store sonst 4,99€
Einfach auf der Seite runter scrollen, E-Mail Addi eintragen und den Captcha eingeben. Key kommt dann innerhalb weniger Minuten per Mail. Das Häkchen bei "Sign me up for the newsletter" unbedingt rausnehmen, es sei denn ihr steht auf Werbemails.

Steam Link Royal Quest: store.steampowered.com/app…50/
Steam Link Royal Quest- Welcome Pack: store.steampowered.com/app…40/

Beschreibung von Steam:

Royal Quest offers a fresh MMO experience from the creators of Space Rangers and King's Bounty series. Join Guild Wars, conquer Castles, and battle other players in unique PvPvE locations, or explore the vast world of Aura and enjoy the story on your own.

Innovative elemental battle system allows players to exploit enemy weaknesses by properly choosing what weapons and skills to use against the target, while game mechanics are easy to learn (including an automatic character upgrade system), and offer deep and challenging experience later in the game.

Download now to:
- Discover over 100 outdoor locations and multi-floor dungeons
- Complete nearly 1000 quests designed for both group and single players
- Fight more than 200 extraordinary monsters, each with its own rare card with special attributes
- Dive into extensive skills and talents system and combine them in a unique way for each of the 8 classes
- Summon pets that follow you around and collect loot for you
- Compete in PvP Arenas, Battlegrounds and Castle Sieges
- Earn the right to control a Castle and its surrounding areas with your Guild
- Gather powerful Shadow Gear by winning over other players in special PvPvE zones

This Welcome Pack offers:
Slimmy + Silver Magnetic Collar - pet to collect your loot for you,
20 Maiden's tickets to fast travel between saved locations;
20 Elmar's Balm to instantly heal your character;
20 Melios' Tincture to instantly replenish your characters' Energy or Mana;
20 Ambrosia to heal and replenish Energy or Mana over little time;
Yellow Box which can contain even most valuable loot!
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    Hot! Hat dann doch gefunzt =)


    Hot! bekomm es leide rnet hin immer error

    Bei mir ging alles. Ganz normal die E-Mail und den Captcha eingegeben und schon war das Ding durch.




    hot danke

    Danke Danke

    Hot, danke



    Bis auf das "Haustier" ist bei diesem pack aber nicht wirklich was dabei.

    Aber umsonst = hot.



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