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(Steam) The Miskatonic 90% off
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(Steam) The Miskatonic 90% off

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1435607.jpgExplore the most prestigious occult school in North America, The Miskatonic University, in a hilarious dark comedy set after the Lovecraft canon, in which Innsmouth is demolished, Cthulhu is perpetually immobilised, England is overrun with cannibals, Antarctica is plundered, and the greatest threat to mankind is its own ambitions.

Charlotte LeStrange, a former member of the Chesuncook witch cult blessed with magically mind-altering eyes, has been recently hired by The Miskatonic to perform errands for the mutated faculty and patrol the Occult Science wing of the university. A bubbly and inquisitive sort, Charlotte is fascinated with the monsters and mutants of the stories and spells, and a job at The Miskatonic seems like a dream come true! Though behind the supernaturally disfigured staff, the unusually invasive science teachers, and the adorably horrifying cosmic abominations known as the Dunwichers, hides a vast, nightmarish conspiracy that only Charlotte herself is equipped to solve!

- A dark comedy kinetic visual novel set in a post-Lovecraft universe.

- Interact with dozens of strange characters in a multitude of open hub areas.

- Follow Charlotte LeStrange's story from simple witch girl to soft-boiled occult detective.

Der Entwickler beschreibt die Inhalte wie folgt:

Dieses Spiel enthält möglicherweise Inhalte, die nicht für alle Altersklassen oder zum Ansehen am Arbeitsplatz geeignet sind: Nacktheit oder sexuelle Inhalte, Gewaltdarstellungen, Allgemeine nicht jugendfreie Inhalte
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