[Steam] The Silent Age + Nailx27d als Dreingabe für 1,69 € @indiegala.com

[Steam] The Silent Age + Nailx27d als Dreingabe für 1,69 € @indiegala.com

eingestellt am 7. Sep 2016
Indiegala bietet das Adventure The Silent Age (als Steam-Key) aktuell zum Preis von 1,69 € an. Zudem erhalten alle Käufer, die im Shop Ausgaben im Höhe von > 1 €/$ tätigen, einen Steam-Key für den Fun-Racer Nail'd gratis.

The Silent Age

Lose yourself in The Silent Age, the thrilling point-and-click adventure with over seven million mobile downloads, completely revamped and updated for PC.

Help Joe as he travels between the groovy present of 1972 and the apocalyptic future of 2012 to discover the truth behind humankind’s extinction—a quest entrusted to him by a dying man from the future. Use your portable time travel device to solve puzzles that bring you closer to answers and saving humanity.

Winner of the 2013 Casual Connect Indie Prize and applauded for its deep story, clever puzzles, and radically simple navigation and art style, The Silent Age is an unforgettable experience. Can you, a simple janitor and literally, “the average Joe,” save humankind?

Key Features:
  • Thrilling adventure with a deep story that captivates from beginning to end.
  • Complex characters, each with their own personality and agenda.
  • Clever puzzles requiring time travel and specific items to solve.
  • A seamless interface which makes you feel like you’re actually there.
  • 10 chapters with unique locations, characters and puzzles.

Exclusive to Steam:
These all-new features bring The Silent Age story to the next level.

  • Character voiceover brings the story and characters to life.
  • The same bold, stylish and minimalistic artwork now presented in stunning Ultra HD.
  • Over 20 achievements and Steam Cloud support

Adventure-Treff 82%
Adventure Corner 75%
Metascore: Ep. 1 84%, Ep. 2 81%


Constant sensation of ultimate speed is the players companion throughout the game. Lightning-fast reflexes and tactical skills are what stands between victory and defeat.
Breakneck rides on near vertical mountainsides with up to 70-degree slopes - feel your heart pumping!
Extreme track design with breathtaking vistas - learning the inside-outs of their topography will be an advantage in the race for #1.
Steer your vehicle mid air allowing for full control over your ride. Shortening or lengthening your jumps, changing angles can make or break your lap time.

Assemble your own vehicles from a wide selection of parts and components. Adjust their parameters to best suit your playing style and personalize the looks, making it unique and truly your own.
  • Different classes compete simultaneously on the same track
  • Unique original soundtrack that brings across the vibe of the game, from members renowned bands such as Deftones, Fear Factory, Hatebreed or Static X, created specifically for nail'd
  • 14 unforgettable tracks in 4 exciting locations

4Players 82%
Gamestar 77%
PlayNation 74%
Metascore: 69%
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Cool. Danke.

ich bräuchte nail d !

bitte PN!

Ich hätte noch einen Key für The Silent Age abzugeben. PN bei Interesse!

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