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Strive Minutes - Simple Meditation App kostenlos statt 1,09 € im Playstore
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Strive Minutes - Simple Meditation App kostenlos statt 1,09 € im Playstore

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The Minutes Timer gives you the facility to:

- Track and work upon your meditation habit
- Sync data seamlessly on multiple android devices and never lose your session history
- A distraction free meditation session
- A preparation interval before the start of each session which can be changed to accommodate your preferences.
- Option to track meditation duration beyond the set time. If you choose to continue your session beyond the closing chime, you will have the option to add the extra minutes to your session stats.
- Simple, clean interface and visuals
- Set a default meditation duration
- A statistics page that tracks your streaks and all time best sessions to keep you motivated
- Under statistics, a Timeline view for details about session durations and a Calendar View for visual encouragement to maintain your streak.
- Start and end your meditations with a beautiful Tibetan gong, no other distractions or voice overs
- Add and Delete Sessions Manually
- AMOLED mode for better battery utilisation for devices with AMOLED Screens
- Google Fit Integration. Sync your meditation minutes to keep a record in your daily Google Fit activity journal
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