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SUPER 100 Web Development Bundle (100 Kurse, 8177+ Vorträge, 857,02+ Stunden Video) 1€ pro Kurs - Eduonix

SUPER 100 Web Development Bundle (100 Kurse, 8177+ Vorträge, 857,02+ Stunden Video) 1€ pro Kurs - Eduonix

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SUPER 100 Web Development Bundle(100 Kurse, 8177+ Vorträge, 857,02+ Stunden Video )

  • 100 Courses
  • 8177+ Lectures
  • 857.02+ Hrs Video
  • Numerous Practical Projects
  • Certificate of Completion
  • World Class Instructors
  • 30 Day Money Back Policy
  • Lifetime Access. No Limits!
  • 100% Online & Self-Paced
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Free Updates

Front End :
Course 1: Learn To Build Apps With ECMAScript ES2015
Course 2: Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects
Course 3: Algorithms in JavaScript - Cracking Coding Interviews
Course 4: JavaScript Bootcamp - Build Real World Applications
Course 5: CSS - The Complete Guide (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass)
Course 6: The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6 (2019)
Course 7: JavaScript Fundamentals 2020 ES6 for beginners
Course 8: Learn to Build Progressive Web Apps in JavaScript
Course 9: CSS Bootcamp - Master in CSS (Including CSS Grid / CSS Flexbox)
Course 10: HTML, CSS, JavaScript Course - Build 6 Creative Projects
Course 11: SASS - The Complete SASS Course (CSS Preprocessor)
Course 12: Bootstrap 4 Development For Professionals
Course 13: Modern JavaScript For Developers
Course 14: Front End Web Development Bootcamp - Build a Twitter Clone
Course 15: Practical CSS Website Development: Crash Course
Course 16: Modern HTML for beginners
Course 17: Advanced jQuery Tips & Tricks for Developers & Designers
Course 18: Master Javascript & jQuery
Course 19: JavaScript ES6 : The Next Level
Course 20: Asynchronous JavaScript fundamentals guide - callbacks, promises, await/async
Course 21: Pure JavaScript Calculator - JavaScript ES6 Learn JavaScript
Course 22: Modern JavaScript fundamentals for Beginners JavaScript ES6

JS Frameworks:
Course 1: Learn MeteorJS By Building 10 Real World Projects
Course 2: Projects in ExpressJS-Learn ExpressJs building 10 projects
Course 3: ReactJS and Flux - Learn By Building 10 Projects
Course 4: Angular - The Complete Guide (2020 Edition)
Course 5: Angular 4 Front To Back
Course 6: Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex)
Course 7: React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)
Course 8: Aurelia For Beginners :The New Age JS Framework
Course 9: Angular (Full App) with Angular Material, Angularfire & NgRx
Course 10: Nuxt.js - Vue.js on Steroids
Course 11: Learn To Build Apps Using NodeJS and Angular
Course 12: React for Professionals: The App Building Guide
Course 13: React and Redux: Learn By Building Real World Projects [13H]
Course 14: Quick and Easy Guide to Node and Express
Course 15: JWT Role Based Authorization With Spring Boot And Angular 8
Course 16: Firebase Masterclass
Course 17: Angular 8 + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud
Course 18: React + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud
Course 19: Vue JS + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud
Course 20: Learn Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework
Course 21: Medical WordPress Website for Hospitals, Clinics & Doctors
Course 22: Master Meteor - Meteor JS From the Ground up
Course 23: Build awesome web apps using Angular
Course 24: Master ReactJS: Learn React JS from Scratch
Course 25: Master AngularJS : Learn Angular JS From Scratch
Course 26: Master EmberJS : Learn Ember JS From Scratch
Course 27: Master Backbone JS: A Course For Web Developers & Designers
Course 28: Master KnockoutJS : Knockout JS - JavaScript MVVM
Course 29: Master NodeJs : A Practical Approach To Node JS
Course 30: Node.js REST API with Express and MongoDB - Solid Architecture
Course 31: Vue.js 2: Zero to Hero, Vuex Store, Vue CLI 3-Complete Guide
Course 32: Redux Beginner Guide with React Hooks
Course 33: Angular Crash Course 2020

Backends Tech:
Course 1: Build Web Apps with Laravel Framework in PHP
Course 2: Projects in Django : Learn Django Building Projects
Course 3: Projects In Laravel : Learn Laravel Building 10 Projects
Course 4: PHP CodeIgniter: Learn CodeIgniter
Course 5: Learn Phalcon Php Framework from Scratch
Course 6: Ruby On Rails For Web Development
Course 7: Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher Laravel & vuejs
Course 8: Finest Laravel Course - Learn from 0 to ninja with Reactjs
Course 9: Create Your Laravel Hotel App with Translations 4 Languages
Course 10: Django 2.2 Masterclass - Build & Deploy Web Application With Python & Django
Course 11: Responsive PHP Registration Form: From Scratch
Course 12: Redis and PHP
Course 13: Master Ruby on Rails - For Beginners
Course 14: Volunteers - Charity/Fundraising Laravel&Paypal App Theme
Course 15: Package Spatie laravel Permission and roles in a database

Course 1: The Full Stack Web Development
Course 2: Angular & NodeJS - The MEAN Stack Guide
Course 3: Learn Fullstack Web Development With Spring And Angular
Course 4: Full Stack Development With Angular 8 And Spring Boot
Course 5: Full Stack Development With Vue JS 2 And Spring Boot
Course 6: React Full Stack Web Development With Spring Boot(Inc. JWT)
Course 7: Master Mean : Learn the fundamentals of Mean Stack

Course 1: Learn Plugin Development in WordPress By Building Projects
Course 2: Learn To Create WordPress Themes By Building 10 Projects
Course 3: WordPress: Masterclass Build Amazing Websites Without Coding
Course 4: Learn WordPress: A Complete Guide To Making A Website
Course 5: WordPress for Beginners: Your Guide to WordPress Websites
Course 6: Create a WordPress Website in 24 Hours or Less Guaranteed
Course 7: Wordpress Complete Web Design :Latest Wordpress Design Techs
Course 8: Restaurant Website with Online Ordering & App with WordPress
Course 9: Create Hotel Website with Online Booking & Reservation in WP
Course 10: Create Music Website for Music Artists & Bands in WordPress
Course 11: Create Tour Website With Travel / Tour Packages In WordPress
Course 12: Modern WordPress Theme Development

Course 1: Projects in MongoDB - Learn MongoDB Building Projects
Course 2: Learn ReactiveX From The Ground Up
Course 3: Understanding TypeScript - 2020 Edition
Course 4: Projects in Electron: Learn to Build Real World Desktop Apps
Course 5: Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - The Complete Guide
Course 6: Leaflet for Beginners
Course 7: The Complete Web Development Course - Build 15 Projects
Course 8: MongoDB : Beginners to Professional
Course 9: Loopback 4: Modern ways to Build APIs in Typescript & NodeJs
Course 10: Master Typescript : Learn Typescript from scratch
Course 11: Spring Framework MasterClass - from basics to advanced
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