Super Starship für IOS
eingestellt am 1. Mai 2021

Explore a massive persistent multiplayer universe.
900,000 stars, each star with its own solar system.
More than 4 million planets to discover!
Full 3D universe. Fly your starship to any part of the galaxy.

You like No Man's Sky? Well, this is not that, but it is inspired by it.

Turn based combat missions. Star bases may come under attack. Use torpedoes and phasers and strategy to defend the star base.

NO PIRATES! This is a mission of peace to map the galaxy for habitable planets to be colonized. Fly to any star you see in your view and explore its solar system.

Multiplayer - explore with your friends (subject to PUN room limits)

Persistent universe. All discovered stars and planets are cataloged on the galactic server and remembered. Come back in days, weeks, months to see how the universe has changed. Other captains will see your discovered stars and you will see theirs, all in realtime!

Rescue stranded ships and get rewards. Send fuel to other players. Fly together in squadrons if you want or go it alone. Send coordinates so others can find you. Cloak your ship if you want to explore in private.

Your mission as starship captain is to explore and map the galaxy for the IGDB (Intergalactic Database). Use your short range and long range scanners to accomplish your mission or just fly by the seat of your pants.

Your ranking is based on how many stars and planets you discover. Habitable planets are worth more points. Planets with intelligent or advanced life are worth even more points.

Multiple Game Center leaderboards


All of my iOS apps and PC Games never collect any personal information. The only data collected by my apps is score statisticsthat are reported to Apple's Game Center service. This data contains information such as high scores and timespent in the apps.
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