Taposé [iOS - iPad] - Collaborative Content Creation

Taposé [iOS - iPad] - Collaborative Content Creation

eingestellt am 12. Mai 2014
Die App gibt es bereits 2 Jahre und ist jetzt mal wieder kurzfristig umsonst zu haben.

Es ist eine App, in welcher man Notiz-Bücher u.Ä. erstellen kann, welche verschiedenste Inhalte haben können -> Texte, Bilder, Ton, Videos, Sticky Notes etc.

Taposé is a multi-tasking app that lets users create journals with all types of content that they create & discover through the built-in browser, map, calculator & contact tools. Users can choose to collaborate with others by sharing a journal – a great tool for students, educators, researchers & others working together on a project! Knowing how important your work is Taposé automatically backs up all your work to the cloud so that you always have access to your creations.

Born out of the inspiration from the Microsoft Courier project it's packed with several features & functionalities:

• Multi-media digital journals with unlimited storage
- Handwriting, Drawing, and Text
- Voice, Video, and Pictures
- Sticky Notes
- Highlighter
- Lasso tool for Copy & Paste within Taposé apps
- Wrist guard
- Zoom box

• Multi-tasking features that enable Taposé apps to run side-by-side with information sharing
- Calculator
- Browser
- Search & Maps
- Contacts
- and more to come!

• Cloud based cross collaboration
- Taposé cloud collaboration and storage services
- Export to Box & Dropbox cloud storage services
- Option for private enterprise cloud collaboration and storage
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