The Firm - iOS App "App des Tages" Englisch

The Firm - iOS App "App des Tages" Englisch

eingestellt am 11. Apr 2015
Ihr schlüpft in die Rolle eines Aktienhändlers und erwirtschaftet Geld!.
Kopiert aus Apple:
THE FIRM is a twitchy fast-paced ARCADE video game where you work as a trader inside a big corporation. React fast, stay focused, and you might become the new chairman of The Firm ! But be careful, because too many mistakes will get you immediately FIRED!

"If you have a soft spot for simple to grasp, difficult to master twitch games that you can play on your iPhone with just one hand [...] a pretty cool one launched yesterday called The Firm" -

"The Firm offers a quality concept that offers an intense challenge that is worth picking up for some fast paced fun that everyone can enjoy." -


NOTE : We carefully read all feedbacks, and we are aware that our first game suffers from various flaws, and we are now working hard on a new update adding cool stuff and fixing bugs !

Having any comments or suggestions? We would love to hear from you! Reach us at:
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war die nicht immer gratis? hatte die schon mal und war wenig begeistert.

Ja, gab es schon kostenlos. Ich persönlich finde die App auch etwas eindimensional.


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