The Gothic Shift (American Gothic) [Kindle Edition] @Amazon

The Gothic Shift (American Gothic) [Kindle Edition] @Amazon

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Das Buch kostet im Taschenbuch 13€, es ist komplett auf Englisch und beinhaltet 262 Seiten.

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The Ghost of Naked Molly - takes us back to old New Orleans on the eve of the Louisiana Purchase, where the ghost of a gorgeous octoroon slave mistress complicates the political schemes of a local grandee by parading around his house in the buff. To say things get complicated is a deadly understatement.

The Swamp Hive - a fine study of Civil War squalor and carnage - spotlights the Union attack on the Confederate stronghold Fort Henry. A timid rebel cook discovers something even grislier than the usual horrors of war: ghouls feeding off the dead... and the living.

Blue Caribou - visits the crew of a ship stuck in the Arctic ice in 1859 as they slowly go mad from hunger. The ultimate solution - prompted by a stitched, velveteen toy wolf - gives a completely new twist on survival of the fittest.

Wax and Wayne - is about a man who comes into a restaurant every day to gulp down vast quantities at the shrimp buffet, while his forlorn waitress seems to gain weight on his behalf. Here Bruns achieves a delightful balance of whimsy and the grotesque, with a glimmer of moonstruck romance.
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