The Omen Trilogy [Blu-ray] (OT) für 12,39€

The Omen Trilogy [Blu-ray] (OT) für 12,39€

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eingestellt am 20. Feb 2014
In Deutschland kostet es 36€, bei allen Amazon Seiten kostet es auch mehr. Es ist nur Original Ton in Englisch verfügbar. Kreditkarte wird beötigt.

IMDB Bewertungen

The Omen (1976) - IMDb 7,6…05/?

The Omen (2006) - IMDb 5,9…09/?

Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981) - IMDb 5.5…77/?
In 1976 The Omen scored a hit with critics and audiences hungry for more after The Exorcist with its mixture of Gothic horror and mystery and its plot about a young boy suspected of being the personification of the anti-Christ. Directed by Richard Donner (best known for his Superman and Lethal Weapon films), The Omen gained a lot of credibility from the casting of Gregory Peck and Lee Remick as a distinguished American couple living in England, whose young son Damien bears "the mark of the beast". At a time when graphic gore had yet to dominate the horror genre, this film used its violence discreetly and to great effect and the mood of dread and potential death is masterfully maintained. It's all a bit contrived, with a lot of biblical portent and sensational fury but few would deny it's highly entertaining. Jerry Goldsmith's Oscar-winning score works wonders to enhance the movie's creepy atmosphere. --Jeff Shannon,

Damien: Omen II takes place several years after the mysterious events that claimed the life of the US Ambassador and his wife as the now teenaged and militarily enrolled Damien Thorne is slowly being made aware of his unholy heritage and horrific destiny. Woe is he (including anyone in Damien's adoptive family and his classmates) who suspects the truth or gets in his way. While not as unrelentingly frightening as its blockbuster predecessor, this more-than-competent sequel raises some interesting questions about the nature of free will (can the anti-Christ deny his birthright?) before falling into a gory series of increasingly outlandish deaths, the best of which is a terrifyingly protracted scene beneath the ice of a frozen lake. Jerry Goldsmith (who won an Oscar for his work on the first film in the series) contributes another marvellously foreboding score. --Andrew Wright,

The series concludes with The Omen III: The Final Conflict, starring Sam Neill as the adult Damien--aka the son of Satan--in a battle with the heavens for control of mankind. The film ends up depending more heavily on effects and spectacle than on the kind of basic horrors that made the first movie in the series so unsettling but at least this one gives some closure to the seemingly endless saga. --Tom Keogh,
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Schade - mit deutschem Ton hätte ich sofort zugeschlagen!

Vielen Dank - sofort bestellt.
"Das ist alles für Dich Damien!"
Dealbeschreibung macht am Anfang den Eindruck als wäre Teil 1 original und remake dabei plus Teil 3
Ist natürlich quatsch - es sind Teil 1, 2 und 3 in der Originalversion. Das Remake ist zum Glück nicht dabei!
Somit also ein HOT!!!

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