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Tizahl's Quest (PC DRM-Free) kostenlos (itch.io)
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Tizahl's Quest (PC DRM-Free) kostenlos (itch.io)

387° Abgelaufen
Tizahl's Quest (PC DRM-Free) kostenlos (itch.io)
eingestellt am 25. Sep 2021

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Genre: Aktion, RPG
Metacritic: tbd
Preisvergleich: 3,99€
Sprache: Englisch
Tizahl's Quest is an action RPG in a 3D world. Fight monsters, collect loot and discover new areas and dungeons!

Along the way you can complete quests and obtain rare items. You start out in a village with portals. New portals will unlock as you level up and lead you to more dangerous places. As your player grows you can learn magic, use rare items and use traits to make your player stronger. Get to the last portal to fight the evil demon to save the world!

Key Features:
  • Traits: receive trait points and make your player stronger and wiser
  • Shops: the shop keeper will automatically update his items as you level up!
  • Zoom in/out, rotate camera

  • Mouse+Keyboard.
  • Hold left mouse button: move player, interact with world, UI
  • Mouse wheel: Zoom in/out
  • Left + Right arrow keys: rotate camera

  • Escape: Pause menu/Quit game
  • I = Inventory
  • T = Character window
  • Number pad 1-6 : action bar
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