Total Victim Theory [Kindle Edition]

Total Victim Theory [Kindle Edition]

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eingestellt am 16. Mai 2014
Das ebook Total Victim Theory von dem Auto Ian Ballard gibt es gerade kostenlos in der Kindle Edition bei Das Buch hat 393 Seiten und wurde auf Englisch verfasst. In dem ebook geht es um einen Serien Killer der von der FBI gejagt wird.


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Six months have passed since a faded, black ledger mysteriously appeared on FBI Agent Jake Radley's doorstep. Puzzling over the document's sinister entries, Jake pieces together a story of mass murder near the Texas-Mexico border two decades before. If Jake's theory is correct, the names listed on the ledger's final page are the victims of a previously unknown serial killer. Leads are scarce until a gruesome new crime scene, deep in the Mexican desert, shows a chilling connection to the border deaths of long ago. . .
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"...von dem Auto Ian Ballard"
"...von der FBI gejagt wird."

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