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Track racing battle simulator für PC/Android/macOS/Linux

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1168773871662995161.jpgTrack racing battle simulator - 3D offline racing simulator in which you have to play with artificial intelligence.

Choose cars to your taste among 8 cars. Bots also have 8 types of cars, but they have different colors.

Play different game modes. You can play the "Championship" mode, in which you will take first place in order to move on to a more difficult level. And you can also practice your lap time on different maps alone to develop your level of play. Or you can play the arcade mode of the game where you have to complete 3 laps faster than the rest, and you can also adjust the difficulty of the game.

Play on various game maps with more than 9 in the game. On each map you can try to conquer your records and try to overtake bots.

We wish you a pleasant game, we are waiting for your new records!
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