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Twinkling Video Editor & Maker | iOS Freebie
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Twinkling Video Editor & Maker | iOS Freebie

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im App Store erhaltet ihr aktuell die Video-Bearbeitungs-App Twinkling Video Editor & Maker kostenlos. Die App gab es seit einem knappen Jahr nicht mehr kostenlos und kommt im US-Store auf immerhin 4,5* bei 151 Bewertungen.

Beschreibung (EN):

Is it easy to create a movie-like scene from your phone? Of course! With powerful editing features provided by Twinkling video editor, you could be a main character in any Hollywood action movies in no time. Also, you can make an amazingly fun home video or well-made documentaries by highlighting key moments with the Animated Texts and PIP(Picture-In-Picture) effects.

Powerful Editing Tools Made Simple

• Clip editing: trim / split
• Adjust playback speed for fast or slow motion.
• Control audio volume.
• Change aspect ratio and fit clips automatically.

Special Editing Effects

• Various filters and soundtracks
• Apply seamless, cinematic transitions to your clips.
• With in-app special effects, edit your clip like a film!
• Keyframe animations for more precise editing.

Animated Texts

• Make video clips more lively featuring the Animated Texts
• Easy to add moving texts to your video seen in any films!


• Overlay videos with the Picture-In-Picture feature
• Create a scene where multiple clips are in at once!

Sicherlich nichts für Professionals, aber für den kleinen Editier-Spaß zwischendurch kann man die App mal mitnehmen.
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