(UK) 2 x Bench Schlüpper in XL für  7,49€ oder T-Shirt für 8,99€ @ play

(UK) 2 x Bench Schlüpper in XL für 7,49€ oder T-Shirt für 8,99€ @ play

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eingestellt am 10. Jan 2013
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Für alle Bench Freunde mit XL Format.

100% Baumwolle

Zahlung via Kreditkarte.
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[Fehlendes Bild]

Glibba am Schlibba
K*cke an der Backe


Wie fallen die Shorts denn aus? Irgendeiner eine Ahnung? Typisch bench? ->eng

Du bist auch so'n schlüppa

Super gekauft! Danke Krueck83

Hmm wenn die ausfallen wie die Jacken könnt mir XL passen...
Hat die schon jemand? ^^

...dann doch lieber 3 für 9,49 Euro:


[Fehlendes Bild]

Ok, meine Frage wurde in den Reviews beantwortet...

“If you do decide to buy these boxer shorts at least go for a size larger than you are“

" Sub-standard "Joke" underwear :-(((

MintyLush | 05/01/2013 | See all MintyLush's reviews (1)

As can be seen in the picture, there is a "keyhole" fly on these.

Unfortunately, after putting them on today, I discovered that the fly does not go all the way through. One can put ones hand in the fly hole on the outside but there is no corresponding hole on the inside for your appendage to get through.

Lucky I wasn't desperate for the toilet when I discovered.

I assume that these are part of a sub-standard batch and this ought to have been stated in the description which seems to have been removed.

I do feel cheated and that the goods are not as described."

X) X) X)

Bench-Freunde im XL Format:D

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