(UK) WiKi i-Music aufblasbarer Musiksessel mit integrierten Lautsprechern für 26.70€ @ Zavvi

(UK) WiKi i-Music aufblasbarer Musiksessel mit integrierten Lautsprechern für 26.70€ @ Zavvi

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aufblasbarer Musiksessel mit zwei integrierten Lautsprechern und praktischer Seitentasche

Zahlung via KK oder Paypal.
Währung auf Pfund stellen.

Lieferung dauert ca. 1 - 3 Wochen.

aufblasbarer Musiksessel mit integrierten Lautsprechern - WiKi i-Music
Maße aufgeblasen: ca. 114,3 x 114,3 cm
kann an jede Audioquelle mit Standard 3,5mm Klinkenanschluss angeschlossen werden
mit integrierter Tasche für sichere Aufbewahrung des Players und sonstigen Utensilien
Lautsprecher benötigen keine extra Stromversorgung (werden über Audioquelle versorgt)


Anyone who loves listening to music and hasn't got the room for a massive stereo system will love one of these iMusic Chairs. It's basically an inflatable chair which has two embedded speakers in the sides, meaning you can listen to your iPod or iPhone or other MP3 player in total comfort. They also make an interesting talking point and a quirky bit of furniture. Even better, because it's inflatable, you can easily deflate it if you need the space and you can take it pretty much anywhere. So it's perfect for the home, for holidays, camping trips or generally anywhere you want to listen to your tunes.

It's durable, comfortable and comes with everything you need to get going - a foot pump and repair kit (though hopefully you won't need it). So if you want to relax with your favourite sounds, pump up this chair and then pump up the volume.


Inflatable chair with inbuilt speakers.
Compatible with iPod, iPhone, MP3 players etc, anything with a 3.5 mm jack.
Great if you're short on space.
Supplied with foot pump and repair patch.
Available in white/lime green.
Suitable for ages 8 years +.


114.3 x 114.3 cm (when inflated).
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