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Unreal Engine: American Traffic Sign Collection: Complete Bundle (US, Mex, Can)

eingestellt am 23. Nov 2021

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Welcome to the American Traffic Sign Collection: Complete Bundle !
Enjoy this realistic American road sign pack with 399 signs. This pack is designed to provide realistic and good-looking road signs for your game. The road signs have a little bit of dust / dirt on them, which makes them even more realistic.

Oftentimes, in your search for the ideal product for your game, you will find products, that are unrealistic and thus lower the quality of your future game. Road signs of other asset makers frequently show mistakes in their design, that will disappoint you in the long run. Such mistakes include: signs being of a pure metal material or a generally bad material or signs having unrealistic heights/widths.


  • Realistic American Road Signs
  • Build your own Signs! (Modular Meshes & Complete Sign Meshes)
  • This Bundle contains all american traffic signs which are available in on my Marketplace Page
  • 1x Master Material + ORM Textures
  • 399 Signs, (437 Signs - possible Variations - Material Instances (just drag and drop them on the Sign Mesh))
  • Continuous updates and improvements
  • -> Additional new american traffic sign packs will be added for free as update to this pack!
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