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Vorbestellung: Akira [englisch] Reprint 35th Anniversay Edition Box Set für 108,23€ bei Thalia
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Vorbestellung: Akira [englisch] Reprint 35th Anniversay Edition Box Set für 108,23€ bei Thalia

108,23€155,96€-31% Kostenlos KostenlosThalia Angebote
eingestellt am 27. Sep 2021

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Dadurch könnt ihr euch den Nachdruck des Mangas Akira in englischer Sprache als 35th Anniversay Edition Box Set zum Preis von 108,23€ vorbestellen.
Der Gutschein ist bis 29.09. gültig. Im Vergleich kostet diese Box aktuell 155,96€ bei Hugendubel mit dem 15%-Gutschein.

1862761_1.jpgWinner of two 2018 Eisner Awards! Reprinted and available again for a limited time!

An all-new, complete 35th anniversary hardcover box set of one of the most acclaimed and influential comics of all time, with the original Japanese art and right-to-left reading format for the first time! The science fiction epic that changed anime and manga forever is presented in six beautiful hardcover volumes, plus the hardcover Akira Club art book and an exclusive patch with the iconic pill design.

In 1982, Kodansha published the first chapter of Akira, a dystopian saga set in Neo-Tokyo, a city recovering from thermonuclear attack where the streets have been ceded to motorcycle gangs and the rich and powerful run dangerous experiments on destructive, supernatural powers that they cannot control. In 1988, the manga was adapted into what was at the time the most expensive animated film ever made, which brought Akira's influence out of the manga world and onto the global stage. Today, it remains a touchstone for artists, writers, filmmakers, and fans, retaining all the brutal impact and narrative intensity it had when Otomo first unleashed it onto the world.
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