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VST AU AAX Plugin - Inspired Acoustics - Inspirata Lite - Convolution Reverb Plugin

VST AU AAX Plugin - Inspired Acoustics - Inspirata Lite - Convolution Reverb Plugin

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eingestellt am 18. Dez 2020
Inspired Acoustics verschenkt noch bis zum 31.12.2020 31.01.2021 die Lite Version von Inspirata.

Mit an Board ist eine 9GB Room IR Datenbank.

Einfach über den Link registrieren und glücklich sein.

Die Lizenz benötigt einen iLok Account aber nicht zwingend ein Dongle.

Hier noch Infos auf Deutsch:


INSPIRATA™ is the ultimate next-generation immersive reverb workstation providing you total acoustic freedom. With INSPIRATA, you can:

Choose from a wide variety of real, acoustic spaces sampled in unprecedented detail.

Iconic concert halls, theatres, places of worship, simple and natural domestic spaces and unique venues for postproduction.

Move around your sound sources and listener position in the selected space until finding the sweet spot for your mix.

Work as if you were physically in that room, positioning the sound sources, or instruments, where you want, and listen from where you want.

Adjust real acoustic parameters that define the acoustic properties of a space and that truly matter to our hearing.

Choose from a massive list of surround mix options up to 22.2, including Dolby Atmos® (available configurations vary between different Editions of INSPIRATA™).

Place multiple sound sources in the selected space (maximum number varies between different Editions of INSPIRATA™)
Automate parameters and even microphone and sound source positions in real time with smooth and artifact-free operation.

INSPIRATA™ comes in AAX, VST3 and AU plugin formats supporting all major DAWs.
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