[Win 8] scrble App

[Win 8] scrble App

eingestellt am 15. Mai 2015
Die App scrble gibt es heute umsonst.
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Windows 8 & RT

Scrble is a sublimely simple app for free-hand notes on Windows tablets. Scrble inking is very responsive and fun. You can ink with a pen or with your finger or use touch gesture to pan, zoom or move a selection. You can also capture and import images to annotate. Scrble works great on all kind of touchscreens, but it is even more fun with a digitizer pen, as the one of the Surface Pro. If you want to use a capacitive pen (which is the only option for most RT tablets), make sure you get a good one as the amPen. I warmly suggest watching this short movie for an overview and some useful tips: scrble.com/tut…tml

NOTE: Please note that this app was not designed to be used with traditional mouse and keyboard.
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Danke für den Tipp

gibt es eine Möglichkeit, die App zu beziehen, ohne am heimischen Rechner mit Win8.1 zu sitzen? Hab im Büro nur Win7.

Oder ich bin einfach zu doof...

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