Windows Phone App Lockscreener! gratis
Windows Phone App Lockscreener! gratis

Windows Phone App Lockscreener! gratis

So noch eine Windows Phone App hinterher
Heute gibt es die App Lockscreener! gratis statt 0,99€
Mit Ihr könnt ihr euren Sperbildschirm ändern und sogar eine Art Diashow durchführen. Ihr könnt nämlich einstellen das sich das Bild ändern soll nach einiger Zeit.
Außerdem könnt ihr euer Bild auch mit Stickern versehen.

Hier die App Beschreibung:

This application runs well on Windows Phone 8.1 only.
Not all functionalities are available in the trial version.

New in version 2.7.3:

Now you can add pictures to your themes directly from the library!
Bug fixes.

New in version 2.7.1:

Now you can rename your themes so you don't have to remove them and create new ones!
Copy or move pictures from one theme to another easily!

New in version 2.6.2:

Now you can add multiple pictures at once to your themes!
Bug fixes.

Tired of having to change your lockscreen constantly?
With Lockscreener! you can create collections of images that will update it periodically (about every 20 minutes because of a Windows Phone restriction) in the order that you prefer, also Lockscreener! lets you apply filters to the lockscreen directly, without using other applications to save them first!


Create themes and access quickly to the most recent ones, or add the most you use to the faves list.
Add images to the themes, delete the ones you no longer want or modify the order in which the lockscreen changes.
Enable random order or battery saver which paralyzes the lockscreen when your battery is low.
Slide down a picture to see how it would look if applied as lockscreen.
Use your voice: Say "Lockscreener" and the name of the theme you want as lockscreen to set it quickly.
Try our random filter and more!
New in version 2.5.0:

Something you want to keep in mind? Some phrase you like? or maybe personal details? Now you can write whatever you want on your lockscreen!
All you have to do is set Lockscreener! as "the app to show detailed status" on your phone and write the text you would like to appear in your lockscreen using this new feature of Lockscreener! (Go to options, expand the application bar and select "lockscreen text")

In version 2.3.0:

Now, not only can the lockscreen be updated periodically but also the stickers!

In version 2.2.5:

Now you can create and restore backups of the application data using your OneDrive account, this functionality will allow you to share your themes, images and configuration on all your devices or just recover your data in case you reinstall the app. (See options)

In version 2.1.0:

Try our new light style!

In version 2.0.3:

Vignette filter added.
Get access to all the stickers in the store with just one purchase!
Bug fixes.

In version 2.0.2:

Check out our new stickers store!

In version 2.0.0:

Support for large tiles.
Have Windows Phone 8.1? Now the preview of an image fits that operating system and you can set your tile as transparent if you wish!
Details view for each theme where you can schedule them to not have to set them in the future, Lockscreener! will notify you when a scheduled theme is set as lockscreen!
More stickers in each group, especially pokemon!
Notifications when Lockscreener! can not work properly either because of energy saving or blocked background tasks.
Bug fixes.
Slight changes in the design of the application.

In version 1.3.0:

Add stickers to your lockscreen: Lockscreener! now has a gallery of stickers that you can place on your lockscreen for a more original touch!
Available galleries: Tweety, Snoopy, Handa, Gachapin, Panda Dog, Hello Kitty, Cheburashka, Spiderman, Doraemon, Attapon, Pokemon, Pusheen the cat and Angry Birds.

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noch keine einzige bewertung. das sind mir immer die liebsten apps ^^ aber auf alles zugreifen

der mist kommt mir nicht aufs handy ^^

Naja neu, heißt nicht schlecht.

Anwendung erfordert

Bewegungs- und Richtungssensor

Sprachsteuerung macht kein Sinn. Alles anderenist ja klar, sonst kannst du deine Bilder nicht verwenden, und auch keine neuen runterladen. Es sei den eine Download Funktion gibt es nicht, dann wären Datendienste überflüssig.

dafür gibts die offizielle live lockscreen (beta) app.

Die kommt mir auch net auf's Handy. Es gibt ja die live lock Screen App.

Beste App dafür ist Lockmix!!!

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