Winged WTR-DTA1S versilberte Trompete zum halben Preis!!! WDH Amazon
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This item is dreadful, the tubes and valves are stuck and its very poorly made. Mouthpiece is stamped "JB 5C" which might suggest its made by Jinbao in which case its worth about £50 new direct from china off Ebay (if it was playable). Utterly awful quality capped off by the smell of something rotting coming from it. Nasty. Refund please!


Es heisst WHD!

JetEnyagvor 12 m

Es heisst WHD!

haha danke

Mal fürs Gästeklo mitgenommen HOT

Nutze Engelstrompeten, um Farben zu hören! Somit kein Bedarf!

Lecker, wo andere schon reingeblasen haben....

Ist jetzt sogar günstiger geworden

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