[WP] Runners + PRO

[WP] Runners + PRO

eingestellt am 27. Dez 2013
3 Tage gibt es die App Runners + Pro kostenlos im Windows Store. Der Preis liegt sonst bei 0,99€.

Die App ist in Englisch und hat im Windows Store ein Bewertung von 4,5 von 5 (bei 4 Kritiken ;-) )

App Beschreibung 1:1 aus Windows Store kopiert:

Runners + PRO is an app that keeps tracks of your everyday running data.
Track your running see how much calories you have burned, distance you have travelled and enjoy your running because running is fun.

App Features :

-Track running via GPS: app will records duration, distance, burned calories, speed, altitude pace etc

-Display your current location with route you've run(Bing Maps)

-see your running history with route in diary

-Listen music while running by just one click or select your favorite songs from list

-Show a LiveTile with History updates on your phone main screen with support of wide Tile for windows phone 7.8

-share your achievements with friends and family with Facebook, Email and SMS

It's time to wake up your inner athlete because running is fun.
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