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[XBOX/PC] FlatKnights
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[XBOX/PC] FlatKnights

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Keine Ahnung um was es bei dem Spiel geht, ich muss es auch noch erst herunter laden.

Beschreibung: a simple rpg adventure game.
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Rating: 3 out of 5
Submitted on5/11/2019
This game is extremely simple and you can tell it's made by a single person and is made on the Unity Engine which looks to be a school project, so many flaws in gameplay experience and mechanics, but the game has potential with free upcoming updates. The look and feel of the game is set as a top-down perpective with 3D pixelized models and environments. The gameplay lighting is also set to be in very dark lighting so you can only see about 2 blocks away from your character and the movement is set to a 4 block directional grid (north, south, west, and east). You only have a basic attack move which is automatic and shield you can use for limited time through use of magic meter. You have a limited set of abilities through use of scrolls and tools with limited usage of said items, but can gather items via pots, chests, and enemies. Combat can be tough and dungeons are [completely randomized]. Overall, decent game but nowhere near the expectations for a $9.99 game (I bought for ¢99). 🐹

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