Xenonauts für 4,39€ [Humble Store] [Steam]

Xenonauts für 4,39€ [Humble Store] [Steam]

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Im Humble Store ist momentan folgendes Spiel reduziert im Angebot:

Xenonauts für 4,39€
(Humble Monthly Abonnenten erhalten zusätzlich 10% Rabatt)

PVG: 6,90€

System: Windows / Mac / Linux
Sprache: Englisch


Ground Combat:

Xenonauts delivers tense turn-based combat across realistic,
varied and fully-destructible battlefields, against almost fifty
different variants of enemy. Missions range from capturing crashed UFOs
or alien bases to defending cities (or even Xenonaut facilities) against
alien attack. You'll experience the chill of encountering a new alien
for the first time and the joys of test-firing a new weapon for the
first time. Deeply asymmetric combat keeps the battles interesting -
after all, you're fighting intergalactic invaders with 1970's ballistic

Strategic Management:
You will also be managing the defence of the planet,
dealing with the invading alien UFOs with your customisable interceptors.
You need to balance the needs of your funding nations with your own.
Your funds are limited - are you going to spend them on battlefield equipment,
more scientists, or expanding your coverage of the planet? Your priorities
must be balanced carefully if you are to win the war.

Research Tree:
Xenonauts has an extensive research tree with almost a
hundred projects to unlock, each with its own unique description and
painted artwork. It slowly reveals the intentions and origins of the
invaders, while also unlocking new battlefield equipment, aircraft and
vehicles for you to use as you harness alien technology and turn it
against them.

Persistent Soldiers:
Soldiers in Xenonauts are persistent from mission to mission,
improving their stats and gaining ranks with combat experience - but their deaths
are always only a single bad move away. You will grow to care about the
brave men and women under your command as they slowly grow from green
rookies into hardened veterans, but that only makes it more painful when
their heroic tale is cruelly cut short by a burst of plasma fire...

Detailed, Emergent Simulation:
Xenonauts contains no scripted missions,
just broad rules setting the pace of the invasion. As such, no game
plays out the same twice. If you shoot a Scout UFO down over a polar
area, you get a Crash Site mission where you can capture a crashed Scout
UFO in an Arctic tileset. Commence a battle at night and you'll be
fighting the mission in the darkness with reduced sight range. If your
base is attacked, you fight the defence in a perfect replica of your
base. A lot of time has gone into weaving the two very different halves
of the game together into something that feels both natural and

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