Xiaomi Mi Band 1S mit Puls bei Tinydeals. Keine Versandkosten

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S mit Puls bei Tinydeals. Keine Versandkosten

eingestellt am 12. Mär 2016
Wieder ein paar Cent günstiger ..
Hier nochmal die Beschreibung im Original Text ( Englisch )

Are you waiting for new Mi band? Mi Band 1S with heart rate sensor is coming! During aerobic exercise, keep a good heart rate is better to reduce fat and improve heart and lung capacity. Built-in heart rate monitor, it can monitor your heart rate in real-time, makes you adjust the motion state scientifically and consume fat efficiently. With the running function of Mi Fit (an App for Mi band), you can manage every moment of the motion state through the pace, moving track, and heart rate data.
Call Reminder
When there is incoming call, Xiaomi Mi Band 1S will alert you to read them.
Count how many steps you have walked, enjoy doing sports.
Sleep Monitor
Monitor whether your sleeping is well or not.
Heart Rate Monitor
The heart rate sensor in Xiaomi Mi Band 1S can help gauge your intensity during workouts to improve overall calorie tracking. And like Apple Watch, the heart rate monitoring program is PhotoPlethysmoGraphy.
IP67 Waterproof
Short immersion under normal temperature and pressure, when the housing is temporarily immersed in 1M deep water will not cause harmful effects (Not for swimming or diving).
Unlock Your Smart Phone without A Password
Support Xiaomi 2/2S/2A, Xiaomi 3/4, Xiaomi Note, Xiaomi 4C, Redmi 1S, Redmi 2/2A, Redmi Note, Redmi Note 2 (above models need to update to MIUI 6 or above) and others smart phones powered by Android 5.0 or above and support Bluetooth 4.0.
The photoelectric heart rate monitor should be closed to the skin for more accurate monitoring.
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