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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro
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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro

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Hallo Dealerz,
Heute bekommt ihr mit dem Code FASTMAY18 bis zum 15.05.2021 den Xiaomi
Robobob für 200 Ocken. Was ich schon ganz geil finde und meine Roboarme einfach erweitere! Dann muss die Frau (Alexa!!! Wische meine Bude) nimmer wischen bei mir zuhause ;D

Hier die Detailz:

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro2100Pa powerful suction / Smart electric water tank

3 modes for sweeping & mopping / Upgraded LDS laser

Sweeping and mopping at the same time

3 modes of sweeping and mopping

1、Sweeping & mopping

2、Sweeping only

3、Mopping only

Professional Mopping Path Designsimulate Manual CleaningThe robot can simulate the manual cleaning method.

Smart and Precise Electric Water TankThe robot equipped with precisely electric water tank which can accurately control the water output.

it can be used for a long time without block.

2100pa powerful suctionThe robot is equipped with a high-end brushless motor toachieve 2100pa strong suction.

The water tank and dust box are two in oneequipping with water-locking mopping clothIt can complete wiping and mopping at the same time.

Laser Navigation.

Intelligent Route Planning.

Mapping in Real Time.

New generation LDS laser navigation systemBecause of the LDS laser navigation system, the robot canbuild map faster.

Advanced processor and efficient algorithmThe robot equipped With cotrtex-a7 processor anddual-core mali400 image processor

So the robot can build a map in real time and plan areasonable cleaning path.

APP remote controlYou can remote control the robot with the Ihome APP.

Automatic room zoningAfter cleaning for the first time, the robot Will inteligentlyidentify the room and automatically save it.

Dynamic path planning sweeping and mopping in different wayWhen it cleaning, the robot Will intelligently determine whether

to use the sweeping mode or the mopping mode.

Set software virtual wall or restricted areaIf you don't want to clean the area. you can set a softwarevirtual wall through the Mihome APP

or you can manuallyset the restricted area.

12 sets of Precise Sensorsprecise react to the Changes of theSurrounding Environment.

High-precision sensorsA high-precision laser navigation system scans yourroom, creating a real-time map of your home.

2cm obstacle crossing ability

High-quality designIt Will automatic rechargeand continue to completethe cleaning.

110 minutes longbattery life.

Easy installation.

Infrared inductioncharging dock.

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