1 x Pathfinder Online Early Enrollment (30-Tage-Version) zu verschenken [ABGELAUFEN]

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Hi, ich gebe einen Key zum Pathfinder Online Early Enrollment (30-Tage-Version) ab. Der Key ist aus dem Humble Extra Life Bundle 2017.

in early enrollment, Pathfinder Online brings classic fantasy adventureto a sandbox where you, the player, control the content. You choose to wage war, build a better world, or team up with other players to take down challenging bosses (or even other groups of players).

Build Your Perfect Character: Buy skills and feats with experience you earn in real-time, and increase their ranks to unlock new skills. Combine skills from different classes and earn achievements that unlock even more powerful abilities to create a character that plays the way you want to play.

Single-Server: Everyone plays on the same server, which means you can always play with your friends. This also means your actions have potential far-reaching effects in the game. Every holding you place, every boss you kill, and every resource you gather means other players don’t have that opportunity available to them any more.

Player-Driven Economy: Gathering, refining, and crafting skills transform raw materials into powerful weapons, stalwart armor, mystical talismans, and much more. NPCs don’t sell basic gear and consumables in Pathfinder Online; players decide what they’re going to sell to others and only economic might makes right.

Own Your Slice of Golarion: Claim territory by placing holdings, then place outposts to extract the resources there. Take control of cities and build them up to suit the needs of you and your allies. The choices you make determine what resources and skills are ultimately available to players in the region.

If you’re not interested in territory control, other options let you build a cottage, freehold, base camp, or crafter’s studio to more efficiently collect the valuable resources that fuel your economic and adventuring might.

Player vs. Player: Players fighting other players over valuable resources is a fact of life in Golarion, but there are safe zones for those that wish to avoid PvP combat. Settlement owners also get to decide on whether unsanctioned PvP is allowed in the areas they control, so you have additional options on who, if anyone, you choose to ally with—or keep your distance from.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: You’re adventuring in the heart of the River Kingdoms, one of the many regions in the world of Golarion. Visit holy sites dedicated to the gods, run from Thornkeep to the Emerald Spire… and conquer unspeakable evils along the way.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the River Kingdoms and welcome your feedback as we finalize the features you love most. See you soon!

Note: This Humble Bundle deal is only for new players

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