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Enstyler - get your MyDealz back!

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Enstyler Version 4.00.111

This version may not be automatically detected as update 3.11.x, but may need to be installed via the "Update Enstyler" button.
In this case, the existing Enstyler version 3.11.x must be deinstalled by hand!

Because of the conversion, only the settings of Black / Whitelist and CSS are adopted. All other settings are set to the default value.

You want to customize the new MyDealz design? Thenyou should install the Enstyler, it defuses not only the worst "eye cancer" (eg self-promotion), but adds some useful features to MyDealz and other pepper sites such as: old layout retrieve, select your own design, other smilies, blacklisting of Dealz and @User .. ,

Each time the Pepper Design is adapted, two worlds collide, the "formerly everything was better" faction and the "Mobile First" generation. Therefore, leaving the Enstyler to small adjustments to the current design, but allows extensive adjustment.

The Enstyler works with any browser for which a Userscript plugin exists, eg Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Safari, Edge, Opera, Yandex mobile

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Enstyler Homepage - Installation, Getting Started, Advance Use, FAQ ...

Installation via the homepage of Enstyler

To use EnstylerJS you have to install a UserScript plugin:

An Addon for Firefox Mobile on Android do you find here:

Enable Backup and Sync:

After version 3.09.231 is installed, log in to MyDealz at least once to save the MyDealz user name.
Then call Enstyler Settings and enter a personal SyncID (must be the same on all devices).
From now on when you click on "Save" the Enstelyer configuration, the CSS settings and LastSeen will be stored under ID = User name: SyncID and by clicking on "Sync" the last stored settings are loaded again. This is also possible across devices.

The data are first encrypted by the enstyler in the browser AES and then transferred to my server via HTTPS. The key is generated from the sha256 hash by username and syncID. If you change your user name at MyDelaz or SyncID, you can no longer access previously saved settings.

This ensures that your data is secure on transfer or on my server.

Enable live translation:

To enable the translation in the Enstyler Settings, select the language.
For the original language of the website, set the language setting to "auto".

Hotukdeals.com in spanish ...

Version 4.00.111

* NEW * first version completely without jQuery, starts / runs faster
* NEW * Revised settings dialog
* NEW * MyDealz is dimmed when dialog is open
* NEW * Options are only displayed if active
* NEW * Click on "Save" shows possibly newly activated options
* NEW * any SyncID possible
* NEW * Pagepicker no longer shows "crooked" page numbers
* NEW * script pauses if window / tab is not displayed
* FIX * removed unnecessary code

* NEW * Price in Deal Button Show
* NEW * SVG logos
* NEW * SVG Emojis 2015
* NEW * Setting page width now directly in the settings
* Fixed FIX * clock in old deals
* FIX * Tooltip added to explain \ b \ w \ d
* NEW * Different zoom levels on smartphones
* NEW * Tooltips in the configuration dialog
* NEW * New Enstyler homepage: dealz.rrr.de
* NEW * New option "Disable Pepper Scripts" (FF only) faster on smartphones
* NEW * New icons in the menu, additional icon for directly accessing the settings
* CHANGE * Reload this Page by "Speicnern"
* FIX * CSS for dealmeter and configuration dialog always active
* FIX * real time (today xx: xx pm) again correctly in Laout 2017
* FIX * Automatic translation to layout 2017 adapted / improved
* FIX * various typos and Javascript error messages fixed
* NEW * extremely compact list view
* NEW * normal sized deal picture in the mobile tile view
* NEW * List view more compact and without image
* NEW * Mobile view and tile view optimized
* NEW * Flame left, price right
* NEW * temperature display (votebar) back and scale configurable (100 - 1000)
* NEW * Support for Layout 2017
* NEW * CSS will be added to Fackebook and Twitter
* NEW * Your saved Enstyler CSS will be inserted in Mail Links
* NEW * Save and synchronize settings, CSS settings and load levels
* NEW * live translation by myDealz and subscribers pepper sites

For all Features, see Enstyler FAQ

Screenshots are on the the Enstyler Homepage

For Devlop Version klick here:
NOTE: May work or not!
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