G2A Bundle [Ankündigung]

eingestellt am 26. Mär 2017
Same as before:

Am 1 April, kommt das neue G2A Bundle

5 Spiele wieder zu einem Preis von 1,50 durch das "abo".

Welche Spiele folgen weiß ich noch nicht.

Werde meine Fühler später im Seitencode ausstrecken und mal im Support fragen.


Edit: Support gibt keine Auskunft.
Zusätzliche Info
G2A Deal Edition #2 – Preview

The first G2A Deal was a success beyond all our expectations and we want to thank all of you who participated. Knowing that tens of thousands of customers are enjoying the games we gathered for you is very rewarding and we aim to keep providing you with interesting and cool games to buy for a song.

Better still, we can finally announce when G2A Deal Edition #2 is coming. Brace yourselves, here it comes. G2A Deal #2 will start onMarch 30, 2017.

A new feature for this Edition is a G2A Goldmine support, so bring in your friends and get more out of the Deal.

Soon we will tell you more about the games in this post. Stay tuned. In case of any questions regarding G2A Deal check our Q&A post.

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Was soll das jetzt hier?
G2A Deal #2 will start onMarch 30, 2017 ^^
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