Lightstrip Strip mit Netzteil, 6500k, für 65 Zoll LED TV, Bild bei LED TVs verbessern

eingestellt am 24. Jan 2021
Hallo zusammen,

Suche ein lighting strip 6500k mit Netzteil für meinen 65 Zoll LED TV (Sony xg9505).

Steuerbar über alexa (hab eine Hue Bridge)
6500K Weiß,
fein dimmbar
Günstig (gerne auch links bei China Shops)

Möchte den Strip für Bias lighting benutzen. Heißt man kann durch den Effekt des Bias lighting laut diverser Foren und Websiten, beim LED TV durch die weiße hintergrundbleuchtung eine Schwäche des LED TVs bezogen auf "ganz dunkles" schwarz (Stichwort oled) kompensieren.

INFOS aus reddit.

"Ideally, they should be able to put out 6500K light, which is what movies are calibrated to. If the strip doesn't advertise it, it probably doesn't have the option to alter the color temp.
You don't need a big strip, they're supposed to be at most 20% of the brightness of the TV. Don't assume you need to follow the edge of the back, one or two strips can get plenty bright.
There's 2 options for power; USB and power point. Keep in mind some USBs stay on when the device is off. Either test your TV first with another USB device, or get one that plugs into the wall. Personally, I prefer the ones with a wifi adapter so I can control them with Google Assistant.
Don't assume more expensive = better. Things like the Philips Hue strip gets massacred in reviews for being dim and off color, yet costs twice as much as the cheaper alternatives.
Personally, I just bought an RGBW LED kit off eBay (fulfilled the above requirements), and I've been pretty happy with it. It's probably not exactly 6500K, but I'm color blind, so /shrug."


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