Nerve der Film, Grünes Kleid

eingestellt am 13. Okt 2016
Weiß jemand was das für ein Grünes Kleid ist vom Filme "Nerve". Welche Marke oder woher ich es bekommen kann.
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What about that green dress at Bergdorf’s? Did you have a hand in picking out the dress? It was a big moment for your character.

"All these images were pulled of what the [green] dress would look like. We found this amazing inspiration photo, and the dress was actually created just for the movie, and they made three or four of them. I wish that I had kept one, but by the end of it I was so sick of wearing it that I didn’t even think to keep it. I was always freezing, so they would put heating pads all over the inside of the dress when I had to be outside, because I was always shivering [laughs].


Wenn das stimmt, ist es extra für den Film hergestellt worden.

Edit: Suche nach Yomoko Women's Long Sleeve V-Neck bei google scheint ähnliche Kleider ans Tageslicht zu bringen, z.b…565
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Sah schon wirklich top aus, aber 4000$?
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