PS4 Launch-Edition Konsole PS4 Standard-Edition Konsole Unterschiede?

eingestellt am 2. Okt 2013
Kennt jeman den genauen Unterschied der

PS4 PlayStation 4 (PS4) Launch-Edition Konsole
PS4 PlayStation 4 (PS4) Standard-Edition Konsole

ist es nur die HDD ? oder gibt es noch mehr extras?

Bei amazon ist die HDD Grösse nicht angegeben bei jedoch schon mit 500GB.

Habe die PS4 Launch-Edition Konsole am 06.08.2013 vestellt, nun steht bei Otto und bei amazon auch das alle die bis zum 05.08. bestellt haben die PS4 Launch-Edition Konsole zum 29.11. bekommen.

Wie kommen die nachträglich auf dieses Datum?
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Amazon, with its limited supply of PS4s, has cleaved its product listing into two, to help people get a handle on when to expect their pre-order to arrive. Those who've already stumped up their cash are likely to find they've been assigned a "Launch Edition," guaranteeing that they'll get the console on the first day of release -- and they'll probably have received the explanatory email copied after the break. If Amazon is able to guarantee delivery for more stock, perhaps the Launch Edition will become available again -- or perhaps those who order the Standard edition (which is identical except for the delivery promise) will be automatically upgraded. Either way, it looks like demand has already outpaced launch-day supply at this retailer.

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