PS4 System Software 5.50 Beta Trial

eingestellt am 1. Mär
ich hätte noch einen Voucher code für die Playstation Beta.
Frecherweise hab ich den Post von Wolferatus mal kopiert, da dort alle nötigen infos enthalten sind.

Bitte nur für den eigenen gebrauch melden.


Code kann im PSN Store Activiert werden und unter "[Settings] >

[System Software Update] > [System Software (Beta)]" aktiviert und

heruntergeladen werden.

Bei Problemen hafte ich nicht für euer Gerät, nur falls wer hier auf Schlau spielen will ^^

Infos zur Beta voN Sony auf englisch:

Important notices for version 5.50 beta users
  • To help

    us improve the quality of the system software, please provide feedback

    on any issues you encounter while playing games and using new features

    for version 5.50 beta. Please follow the instructions in the invitation

    for the version 5.50 beta testing program to submit your feedback.
  • Should

    unexpected issues occur when using version 5.50 beta, it is possible to

    downgrade your system software to the latest version of the official

    release. It is recommended that you back up your important data before

    installing version 5.50 beta so that you can return your system to the

    state prior to the installation.

Main features in version 5.50 beta update

  • As a

    family manager, parent, or guardian, you can now monitor your child's

    time played (the amount of time they've spent logged in to the PS4) and

    set restrictions accordingly. To manage play time settings for each

    child, select (Settings) > [Parental Controls/Family Management] >

    [Family Management].

    • You

      can view your child's total time played for the day. You can limit how

      long your child plays per day, and set playable hours to prevent play

      late at night or other unwanted times. Restrictions can be set for each

      day of the week.
    • When

      the set play time ends, a pop-up notification appears repeatedly on the

      screen to let your child know that they're out of play time. If you

      choose, the PS4 can automatically log your child out when play time

    • You can also extend or shorten your child's play time on the day they play.
    • o

      You can view and manage your child's play time anytime from your PC

      or smartphone using the (PlayStation App) or by visiting this website. playstation.com/acc…ily

  • The following features have been added to (Library).
    • [PlayStation

      Plus] will now appear if you were ever a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

      You can keep track of all your free PS Plus games.
    • You

      can now hide games and applications you no longer need from

      [Purchased]. Highlight a game or application, press the OPTIONS button,

      and then select [Do Not Show Content Item in [Purchased]].

Other features in version 5.50 beta

  • You can

    now customize logos and backgrounds with your favorite images. On the

    image selection screen, select image files from a USB storage device.

    Customize any of the following.

    • Team logo
    • Team cover image
    • Background image for the home screen
    • Image for the message group
  • On the quick menu, (Online Friends) has been changed to (Friends). From here, you can view online Friends and custom lists.
  • Music playback functions on the quick menu have been improved.
  • You can now create events from the team profile screen. On the screen, select [Events] > [Create Event for This Team].
  • Easily

    find games that can be played on PlayStation VR from the home screen or

    (Library). (PS VR) appears next to supported games.
  • You can

    now delete notifications. Select (Notifications) to display the

    notifications list, press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Delete].

System software limitations of the 5.50 beta

Read the following limitations carefully before using the beta.

Family Management/Play Time Settings

You can view and

manage your child's play time from the PS4 only. This feature cannot be

used from a PC or mobile device.



types that are new to the 5.50 beta are displayed only on the beta.

These activity types are not displayed on PS4 systems with other system

software versions, or on PlayStation App.

System software limitations after downgrading from the 5.50 beta

Read the following limitations carefully before downgrading the PS4.

  • The content order on the home screen is initialized.
  • Download links on the home screen (such as for SHAREfactory or Media Player) that you deleted are displayed again.
  • Some items in [Notifications] are deleted.
  • Some items in [Discover] that had already been displayed are displayed again.
  • Activities created during use of the 5.50 beta and some settings are stored on the PlayStation Network server.
  • Notifications related to these activities and settings might be sent even after downgrading to the official release.
  • After

    downgrading from the system software beta, some games will not work

    correctly. If you encounter this issue, delete the game, and then

    install it again.

Service and repairs while using the 5.50 beta

  • If your PS4 is in need of service, downgrade it to the latest official release of the system software before requesting service.
  • If you

    are unable to downgrade your PS4 to the latest official release of the

    system software and you request service, your PS4 might be downgraded to

    the latest official release during the servicing process.
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NuriAlco1. Mär


Um als versuchsaffe für sony zu agieren.
Mit so ner unausgereiften Software kann mann seine Konsole schrotten und Sony juckt es dann nicht einmal und ersetzt nix
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Code noch da?
Dafür gibt es Einladungs Codes? Wahnsinn
shellshock1. Mär

Code noch da?

Ja, der Code ist noch da, schreib mal privat an
qnaal1. Mär

Ja, der Code ist noch da, schreib mal privat an

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