[Sample Pack] Mindful Audio - Holiday Sound Effects / Samplepaket // 3.2 GB .WAV / 16mal 24bit 96khz Field Recording

eingestellt am 14. Dez 2021
Happy holidays!
Hope you're doing well. I'm still trying to wrap up work for the year before I leave on my next expedition but it's not long now. One of the things on my to-do list for this month was the annual Freebie sfx library which sees its 6th edition! Check out the video below for a quick demo and scroll down to the bottom for the download link.

Free sfx!
These recordings took me months of field work and years of experience to gather. Please show some love by supporting me if you can. No problem at all if you can't afford it, I can totally understand it. In this case I encourage you go to my Youtube channel, select a video and share it on your social media. This will make a big difference in the number of people I can reach with my work and is much appreciated.

Download the free sound effects at we.tl/t-e…FA6. Enjoy and I hope you'll find them useful


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