Spreadshirt Server/Datenbank Hack

eingestellt am 14. Jul 2021
"We are writing to inform you that we were recently the target of an organized cyber-attack that was carried out with considerably vicious criminal intent. The unidentified perpetrators managed to hack into our servers and access data stored there, and they possess the ability to publish this information. Since customer data was also compromised, we'd like to proactively notify you about this incident.

The data accessed includes address information and password hashes saved before 2014. According to our most recent information, your payment data has not been compromised."

Falls es jemanden interessiert oder betrifft aber keine E-Mail ankam oder die Adresse nicht mehr existiert oder so. Ich habe die E-Mail jetzt erst vor 5min. gelesen, dementsprechend habe ich aktuell weder mehr Details noch die Datenbank. Wenn Ihr mehr Informationen habt gerne in die Kommentare damit!

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