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eingestellt am 3. Mai 2014
Tausche gegen Spiele die ich nicht habe oder TF2 Keys oder Paypal. Macht mir Angebote.



Forced (Trading Cards)
Interstellar Marines
Aerena - Clash of Champions (Trading Cards)
Gun Monkeys (Trading Cards)


A New Beginning - Final Cut
A Valley Without Wind 1 and 2 Dual Pack (Trading Cards)
AirBuccaneers (Trading Cards)
Alien Shooter 2: Conscription
Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded
BlackSoul: Extended Edition
Bridge It (Plus)
Dear Esther
Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos
Eryi's Action (Trading Cards)
Ethan: Meteor Hunter (Trading Cards)
Finding Teddy (Trading Cards)
Forge Starter Pack
GTR Evolution
Heroes of Steel (Trading Cards)
Hero of the Kingdom
Hydrophobia Prophecy
KGB 1953 Unleashed
King's Bounty: Legions True Tactician Ultimate Pack
Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World
Legends of Aethereus
Master Reboot (Trading Cards)
Medal of Honor
Men of War Red Tight
Mini Motor Racing EVO (Trading Cards)
Party of Sin (Trading Cards)
Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves (Trading Cards)
Shattered Horizon
Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gold Edition
Syberia 1
Syberia 2
Takedown Red Sabre (Trading Cards)
The 7th Guest
Time Gentlemen Please - Ben There, Dan That
Tower Wars
Velvet Assassin

Humble Bundle Gift Links:

Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming
Anodyne (Trading Cards)
Bridge Constructor
Dungeons of Dredmor Complete (Trading Cards)
Hack, Slash, Loot (Trading Cards)
Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition (Trading Cards)
Ravensword: Shadowlands
Thomas Was Alone

Origin Keys:

Dead Space
Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box
Crysis 2
Mirrors Edge
Medal of Honor
Dead Space 3
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

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- Forced
- Heroes of Steel
- Humans Must Answer
- Krater Collectors Edition

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