[VST] neues experimentelles Synth Plugin "Asper" veröffentlicht

eingestellt am 11. Aug 2022
der Forumseintrag vom 6ten August bei KVR:
Asper synth is out - Instruments Forum - KVR Audio

die KVR Audio Produktseite mit Download Link:
Asper by zOne.sk - Synthesiser Plugin VST VST3 (kvraudio.com)

und der BPB Eintrag dazu von heute:
Asper Is A FREE Experimental Synthesizer Plugin For Windows - Bedroom Producers Blog

"This experimental synth combines wavetable/subtractive synthesis with phase distortion and physical modeling.
Asper comes with one wavetable oscillator and 118 wavetables. The wavetable oscillator is split into two layers, each of which has independent controls, including a Comb Filter and Detune.
You can blend each layer in various ways and apply phase distortion to each with five different shapes."
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