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GitLab Certified Associate Zertifizierung kostenlos (in Englisch)

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eingestellt am 20. Apr 2021

Dieser Deal ist leider abgelaufen. Hier sind ein paar andere Optionen für Dich:

GitLab bietet ab heute kostenlos (statt regulär 650$) das Training und die Zertifizierung als GitLab Certified Associate an. Für alle, die regelmäßig mit GitLab arbeiten oder mal hereinschauen wollen, ist das sicherlich ein interessantes Thema. Der gesamte Kurs ist in Englisch.
Nach Buchung habt ihr 365 Tage Zeit, um zu Lernen und die Prüfung abzulegen.


This certification pathway includes everything needed to complete the GitLab Certified Associate certification requirements:

  • Self-Study eLearning + Exams Bundle
  • Access to the GitLab Demo Cloud for Hands-On Work
  • Project Submission and Grading
  • Sharable Completion Badge in the GitLab Learn Platform
  • Shareable Badgr Digital Verification of Your Certification Status and Date

Why GitLab Associate certification?
Individual GitLab users who earn GitLab Certified Associate certification receive a certification logo they can share on social media to showcase their accomplishment. This helps highlight to colleagues and employers their foundational knowledge of how to use GitLab, and their capacity for growth in gaining additional GitLab skills going forward.

Exam objectives:
Individuals who earn GitLab Certified Associate certification are able to perform the following fundamental tasks.

  • Explain what GitLab is and why teams use it
  • Perform basic Git commands for branching and merging locally and remotely
  • Apply fundamental concepts and skills using GitLab within the DevOps lifecycle


  • Einen Account auf der Lernplatform unter gitlab.edcast.com/ anlegen und das Konto bestätigen (Ihr bekommt eine E-Mail)
  • gitlab.edcast.com/pat…am/ in den Warenkorb legen
  • Im Kassenvorgang den Gutscheincode E6B8A234458AE3D795 benutzen.

Mehr Infos gibt's im Deallink (about.gitlab.com/blo…ed/)
Zusätzliche Info
Complete the Knowledge Exam first, and then continue on to the Hands-on Exam. You must complete the Hands-on Exam within 14 days of your first access to the GitLab Demo Cloud.
Am Ende muss man sein Projekt einreichen kann man hier machen gitlab.edcast.com/sma…ion
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What GitLab component is the linkage between the issue and the code changes?
merge request

What git command would you use to check if a file is being ignored?
git check-ignore

What GitLab component refers to a collection of projects?

What GitLab feature allows you to publish static websites directly from a repository in GitLab?

To mark a particular git commit so you can identify it later, what git concept would you use?

Which GitLab tiers have epics? (check all that apply)
premium & ultimate

What type of Version Control System does Git use?

If you wanted to start making changes immediately, what would be a single command to create the new branch and switch to it?
git checkout -b

Which of the following is NOT needed to run a CI/CD Pipeline in GitLab?

Which of the following is a benefit of moving to an open source platform like GitLab?
All of the above

True/False: GitLab follows a concurrent DevOps approach.

What GitLab feature is used to copy and repeat code throughout projects and groups?

True/False: a typical CI/CD pipeline might consist of stages called Build, Test, Merge Request, and Code Review.

True/False: All changes to README.md will be permanently discarded from the working directory using the command “git checkout -- README.md

Which of the following is NOT a main component of a .gitlab-ci.yml file?
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