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(Apple App Store) HELLMET - Single tap platform adventure (iOS)

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Viel Spaß.

Easy games are no fun! Well, they are but our game designers forced us to say this.

Hellmet is not for the faint of heart! You will die! You will die a lot! And just when you think you have it covered guess what happens next!

What is this game about you ask? Well, let us tell you: Hellmet reinvents the old school platforming experience, bringing you new and innovating platforming concepts such as:

- Taping the screen using only one finger.

- Platforms

- Keys

- Treasure

- Hidden levels

- Hazards to avoid

- Wall sliding

- Walking on platforms...

That's right, walking, we are big supporters of a healthy lifestyle and feel proud to implement this real-life feature on a mobile game for the first time!

Yes, sir! Truly unique. Also, we hired elite specialists to come up with a unique concept system called "Coins"! What are coins you ask? Well, you can collect those yellow shiny things in order to buy characters and shields. Yes sir, yellow, as we said before, we like to do things differently.

Our painters created a massive amount of truly terrifying and stunning handcrafted worlds, 2 to be precise, that total 40 unique levels, each different from the other, no two are the same. Except for the 20 green ones and 20 blue ones.

We are blessed to own a PC-Computer and we have used this unholy tool to create digital sounds that mimic the real ones, thus bringing you the real-life dungeon crawling experience without the danger part. Experiences may vary.

Also, feel free to enjoy our vast selection of 5 characters or "Hellmets" as we call them. We decided on keeping only the head and helmet because we feel that the body is overrated and not at all because we ran out of video memory. No sir!

Please enjoy Hellmet and may you die a thousand deaths!


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